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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jan 2, 2018

In this episode, we cover the skills and traits needed to be the best residential service techs you can be. We follow up on the last episode's tips for getting a raise and discuss how to become more valuable as an employee.

All good service techs clearly have to be able to repair and maintain systems well. Commercial and residential techs need to demonstrate mechanical aptitude. However, soft skills are what separate the good residential service techs from the excellent techs.

Observational skills are imperative. Residential techs need to take a wide-narrow-wide approach to diagnosis. They must also utilize their senses to observe the ENTIRE piece of equipment. Observant techs are quite good at catching potential issues before they spiral out of control.

Resourceful techs make the most of the books, manuals, and other resources they have. If they don't have a resource, they find it.

Since residential service techs deal with customers, it pays for them to be pleasant with people. These people are still honest with customers, but they're positive and empathetic.

The best techs are organized and keep their tools in order for maximum efficiency.

Efficient techs increase their value as employees with every task. They become quicker as they become more confident with tasks.

Great techs are also conscientious. They are aware of their surroundings and considerate of the customer's property and feelings.

Excellent techs are also self-aware about their knowledge. They understand that they don't know everything, and they know what they have to study or search for.

Finally, the best techs are all neat, clean, and communicative. Residential service techs are our industry's ambassadors, and it is important that they communicate well AND project a good image of the industry and company to the customer.


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