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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Mar 30, 2021

In this short podcast episode, Bryan compares strategies for increasing the subcooling, including stacking liquid and mechanical subcooling.

Subcooling is a consequence of condensing; when we change the refrigerant from a vapor to a liquid, it will drop below saturation temperature after it becomes completely liquid....

Mar 25, 2021

In this podcast episode, Bryan, Chad, John, and Allison discuss proper design for ductless and ducted HVAC systems, especially mini-splits. They also discuss potential future improvements to equipment and duct designs.

Mini-splits are smaller than traditional HVAC units, so they make zoning a bit easier. However, load...

Mar 23, 2021

In this short podcast episode, Bryan explains what atmospheric pressure really is, pressure units and conversions, and why those are matter.

Atmospheric pressure is the weight of the air around us pushing down on us. We normally see that value expressed as 14.7 PSI (or 0 PSIG). Before we dive too deep into atmospheric...

Mar 11, 2021

In this podcast episode, Bryan and Trevor Matthews discuss compressor short cycling. They discuss how to diagnose and prevent that issue. Trevor and Bryan primarily refer to the Bulletin AE17-1262 throughout this episode, which you can find HERE.

Compressor misdiagnosis is very common, but we generally encounter two...

Mar 4, 2021

In this podcast episode, Bryan and Craig Migliaccio (AC Service Tech) discuss some HVACR recovery tips and best practices.

When you select a recovery tank, you need to know which refrigerant is in the tank. So, it's a good idea to make sure you label each recovery cylinder. You don't want to contaminate refrigerant in...