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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jun 18, 2020

Bryan and Eric Mele have a relaxed conversation on time management on the job. They also explain how to manage time in life as a whole.

Some people are naturally fast because they cut corners in the name of time management. Instead, something Eric has learned to do is optimize his processes. He gets his work done a lot more quickly because he knows how to get the most out of the trips to his truck. Eric is also familiar with the tasks to perform them confidently, and he knows which diagnostic tools he'll probably need. Overall, repetition leads to efficiency.

There are also plenty of ways to streamline evacuation and recovery. For example, Eric recovered refrigerant by piercing the liquid line from the air handler. His setup consisted of two charging hoses, a line dryer, and a recovery machine; it was an economic way to save his tools and recover refrigerant in the rain.

Eric has done a lot of installs with people of varying experience levels. If there's one thing he learned, it's that you can streamline the process by starting at the outdoor unit, getting the old unit out, and getting the new unit set. The entire time, only one person should be working on the one-person jobs while the other gets supplies and makes preparations as needed. When it's time to work on the new unit, one person can work outdoors while the other works indoors.

Eric and Bryan also discuss:

  • Diagnostic tools to keep close or go without
  • Dealing with paperwork
  • Scavenging and saving small parts
  • Cleaning the drain pan
  • Pulling a vacuum through difficult fittings
  • Working with people of diverse experience levels
  • Using tin snips
  • Efficiency and payment
  • Work-life balance
  • Prioritizing parts of your life
  • Working with cranes

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