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Aug 22, 2019

In this live podcast episode, Bryan talks through real home IAQ solutions with Jim Bergmann and others. They also answer audience questions. Indoor air quality is a place where the HVAC and building science industries intersect, so it is an important topic for occupant health and comfort.

Home IAQ is much more holistic than UV lighting or ionization solutions. For example, duct leakage is one of the fundamental challenges of indoor air quality in the vein of controlled ventilation. However, some more advanced IAQ devices include particulate counters, which focus on tracking pollutants in the air and understanding how those pollutants work with relative humidity.

Some common pollutants include pollen, dust, VOCs, dander, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. While most of those are bothersome and may cause comfort or minor health issues, carbon monoxide is potentially deadly. Homes that use gas appliances must have appropriate venting (and proper combustion) to keep CO out of the home.

VOCs and carbon dioxide are two IAQ villains that require ventilation to dilute them. When lots of occupants are in a space, the carbon dioxide load can get very high, and furniture, paints, and other household objects can off-gas VOCs. Ventilation also helps us control energy usage in a home.

Relative humidity is another important IAQ factor, especially when it comes to sealing ducts and controlling ventilation. Sweating is undesirable in the home, and we don't want to drive indoor temperatures below the outdoor dew point.

Bryan and Jim also discuss:

  • MeasureQuick duct leakage test
  • Return vs. supply leaks
  • Aeroseal
  • CO poisoning and testing
  • Building pressurization and balanced ventilation
  • How to use mechanical ventilation properly
  • CO2 sensors
  • Determining practical and impractical IAQ practices
  • Carrier Infinity controls
  • Reheat electricity and dehumidification
  • Ozone
  • Oversized air filters
  • Discussing IAQ product maintenance costs with customers

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