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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Dec 16, 2021

This podcast episode is a throwback to one of Bryan’s first small business podcasts. In this old episode, Australian electrician and businessman Joshua Nicholls explains how he built a business by focusing on customer experience and branding. Bryan grew Kalos similarly, so they talk about the journey of going from “man-in-a-van” businesses to larger businesses with several employees.


Joshua wanted to bring old-school manners and integrity to the business world, and that’s how he branded his business. The focus on customer service over marketing earned the customers’ respect, and customers were happy to remain loyal to the business and recommend it to friends. The repeat business and referrals allow you to maintain a client base AND grow it without spending too much money on advertising.


Eventually, the business grew big enough to require Joshua to change some of his internal processes. He needed to understand when to bring external help into the business, whether those helpers were financial advisors or mentors.


Joshua reached a point where he got bored with his business, so he went to a conference in New Zealand and decided to start franchising the business. The business worked without him, and he decided to give a chance for young entrepreneurs to share in his business’s success and spread his business all over the country.


Joshua and Bryan also discuss:

  • Joshua’s origin story
  • Authenticity in business
  • What to do after the growth boom
  • Profitability vs. work-life balance
  • Turning customers into raving fans
  • Scheduling appointments in a service business
  • Knowing your numbers in business finance
  • The “One Van, One Child” initiative


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