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Apr 21, 2017

In part 2 of this conversation, we go through the condensing unit and wrap up the call with our no-fluff customer service best practices. 

The service call

A thorough inspection is critical on any residential service call. A service call is an opportunity to check the integrity of the unit and the cleanliness of the blower wheel, drain, and other components. Check the charge, safeties, and five pillars. List the problems and present the solutions as suggestions. Provide appropriate timetables and provide all necessary information. If possible, you can let the customer watch you work on their system to build that trust and teach them about the unit.

If the customer gets worked up over the pricing or frustrated over something with their unit, own the frustrating circumstance. Make sure you stay calm and rational with them. Remember, you are a consultant that they should trust, and it is best to be empathetic and professional at all times.

When exiting the call, try to move on without spending too much time chit-chatting with the customer. Offer to answer questions by giving your contact information or the office's contact information.