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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Mar 26, 2020

Jim Bergmann and Michael Housh join Bryan to talk about testing A/C vitals. They discuss the new vitals mode in MeasureQuick and how it works. As with many of MeasureQuick's other functions, vitals mode is an invaluable tool for green and experienced HVAC techs alike.

The new vitals mode helps us with charging, airflow, and other staples of A/C testing and commissioning. Vitals mode allows the user to give MeasureQuick some information about the system; when they provide that information, MeasureQuick can instruct them to use the most appropriate charging method.

When you add enough refrigerant to create a liquid seal, you will begin to see a temperature drop across the evaporator. At that point, MeasureQuick would inform the user to stop charging and raise the airflow. MeasureQuick's vitals mode guides the user through the commissioning process by focusing on the main drivers: airflow and charging. The app also focuses on secondary drivers, including low-pressure, high-pressure, superheat, and approach.

You can get to vitals mode by hitting the "trending" button twice. At the bottom, you can start with the quick charge; you then choose your refrigerant and the charging method.

Vitals mode can help several new techs during the cooling season. The weigh-in feature helps prevent overcharging, which is a problem that's all too common. MeasureQuick has been working to fill the gaps in training by helping technicians do jobs correctly and avoid the confusion of listening to many different senior techs or trainers.

Jim, Michael, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Subcooling and line length
  • Approach
  • Sensible capacity vs. latent capacity
  • Target temperature split
  • Superheat
  • Trade school vs. field training for charging
  • Increasing the quality of HVAC instruction

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