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Jul 29, 2021

In today’s podcast, Bryan and a team of Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) managers (Mike Schaefer, Charles Miltiades, and Sly Grimm) discuss mini-split controls strategies.

Some contractors misunderstand what mini-splits are. Mini-splits CAN be ductless, but not all of them are ductless. Mini-split systems also have handheld controls, but those are not the only control options for mini-splits. Mini-split controls also come in wi-fi, wall-mounted, and wired varieties.

Another common misconception about mini-splits is that they do not work in the cold. While that used to be accurate, modern mini-splits can function well as heat pumps that integrate backup heat. That is especially when it is also tied into a ducted system.

A lot of thought goes into sensor placement, and contractors have many options as to where they can be placed. You can put wireless sensors in discreet locations, such as under the air return in the basement.

Lately, there has been a market shift towards a preference for multizone equipment, so the wireless controls help manage several units instead of just one; you can manage 30+ indoor units.

In general, homeowners are becoming more tech-savvy and are beginning to prefer tying all of their HVAC systems together and managing them all via one platform. As such, Mitsubishi controls can connect to smart home assistants, such as Alexa or Google. Mitsubishi mini-split controls also work with a cloud service that remembers data. However, a strong wi-fi system is necessary for these controls.

The Mitsubishi Electric team also covers:

  • Third-party controls and backup heat
  • Integrating with boilers for primary heat
  • Control placement
  • Multizone controls
  • Smart devices and signal strength
  • Innovative solutions

Learn more at and METUS’s YouTube channel.

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