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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Feb 6, 2018

Stephen Rardon and Neil Comparetto join the podcast to talk about their headfirst dive into building performance as HVAC techs. They discuss jobs they do, how the transition has been, and important HVAC principles in building performance.

Addressing duct leakage can help with indoor air quality and home performance overall, but it can also even help reduce noise. Building performance and HVAC both require the serviceperson to give the customer options and inform them of their specific situation. In both cases, you would give the customer a chance to improve their living situation by offering a personalized set of offerings. However, building performance allows us to give the customer control over their comfort.

The main selling points of building performance solutions are health, comfort, and efficiency. Customer health is important because they want to make sure asthma, allergies, and other conditions won't be aggravated in their home. Comfort is important for many people, and efficiency is typically important for those with a green ethos.

If contractors and technicians want to get into building performance, it pays to take time to learn the business. It's even better if contractors put training programs together for their technicians. However, technicians need to be able to care about the material; otherwise, the investment in training may not be worth it. You must care about why we need building performance before you enter that side of the industry.

Stephen, Neil, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Bringing building performance into HVAC business
  • Blower door testing
  • Sales packages
  • System performance inspection
  • Challenges of growing a company
  • Precision manometers and other building performance tools
  • Zonal pressure diagnostics
  • Creating service departments within companies
  • Thinking of the building as a system
  • Expertise to combat automation


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