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Nov 19, 2019

Bryan explains the core differences between followers and leaders. There is nothing wrong with being a follower, but if you are ready to move into leadership roles, here are his tips.

Leaders primarily leverage the work of other people. Conversely, followers have limits to their abilities and their earning potential; the leaders are the ones who set those limits. Good leaders create opportunities for others.

Followers who attempt to be leaders are more likely to wait rather than move, complain rather than change, and assume rather than ask. Leaders actively seek out opportunities and tend to act rather than wait and assume that opportunities will come their way. Followers also accept but complain about the status quo, whereas leaders work to change their circumstances.

Communication is a major area of difference between followers and leaders. Leaders ask questions, communicate, and propose ideas or solutions; followers typically hesitate to initiate communication and expect others to give them answers and opportunities.

Followers also tend to think in terms of what they would do, not what they can actually do; they don't realize their abilities to make a difference and would prefer that the changes happen from the outside. On the other side, leaders seize opportunities to initiate change and create opportunities for other people (even if those are opportunities to fail safely). Moreover, the mark of a good leader is the number of followers who agree with their vision; leaders are also willing to make sacrifices for their followers and manage their resources well.

True leaders also know how to listen to others, think broadly, and be kind but truthful; they don't take pride in being "brutally honest" or "knowing it all."


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