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Aug 22, 2017

Adolfo Wurts from Arbiter Incorporated, designer of the UEI WRS line of Bluetooth scales, comes on the podcast. We talk all about scales and how to use them.

You'll want to pull a scale off your truck every time you add refrigerant to a system. Many technicians choose to estimate how much refrigerant they have to put in, and they sometimes put in more refrigerant than they estimated in their quote. Consequently, the business loses money. You'll also want to weigh your tanks during EVERY recovery to ensure that you do not overfill your recovery tanks and risk hydrostatic pressure buildup. Weighing the charge also helps keep track of amounts of increasingly uncommon and expensive refrigerants, such as R-22. Also, make sure your scales have good batteries at all times!

Weighing the charge also shows you where previous technicians may have overcharged or undercharged the system to rectify a different issue. For example, someone may have starved their unit to reduce head pressure (maybe the condenser coil caused the high head pressure all along).

To get the most accurate measurements possible, you must assess the quality of your scale and how you use the scale. For example, your scale must be on hard, level ground. (Do not use scales on grass; opt for concrete instead.) You should also center the tank you are weighing. However, the UEI series typically shows little variation under undesirable circumstances. (That is still not a reason to be careless with your scale.)

UEI WRS scales are rugged and excellent for brutal fieldwork and inclement weather conditions. The scales also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth so that you can view the measurements remotely. The WRS series also has a wide range of design features for ease of use.


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Find out more about the WRS line by visiting the UEI website.