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May 14, 2024

In this short Q&A episode, Bryan answers podcast listener Cooper's question about starting an internal training program. Eugene Silberstein has been on the podcast before to offer his perspective on this topic, which you can listen to HERE

Bryan recommends a combination approach: instructor-led, hands-on, and self-paced learning, all deployed together. Hands-on learning often gets missed, and we can give inexperienced techs experience with some basic troubleshooting tasks or breaking down and reassembling things. The Socratic method can also be employed here; the instructor can ask their trainees questions instead of the other way around. When the instructor is the one who asks the questions, they allow their trainees to be wrong, learn from their mistakes, and make their own connections to the fundamentals.

Learning plans and curriculums are great for giving trainees a structure, but they need to be reinforced with the hands-on component in this trade. When determining what to teach, try to focus on what's most important in your market—the first area of effectiveness—and then understand how to reinforce it. The continuous growth mindset is also critical; the apprenticeship phase is never truly over, and the instructor needs to be able to improve their program over time without letting the idea of unattainable perfection discourage them from giving their training.


You may also read our tech tip about setting up an internal training program and our recent SkillCat guide if you want to deploy training in your business. The ESCO All Access Subscription Bundle for the HVACR Learning Network is another excellent resource.

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