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Oct 23, 2018

In this short podcast episode, we talk about the commissioning mindset and what it REALLY takes to set up and commission a new system properly. We commonly check airflow and the refrigerant charge during commissioning.

There is a difference between mere startup and commissioning. When you commission a system, you ensure that it is working according to design. Think about how the system lines up with the manufacturer's specs and how appropriately it fits its application. In Florida, our designs typically maximize latent heat removal, so we want our systems to run optimally by those standards. We have to check sensible and latent capacity to avoid short-cycling and maximize customer comfort.

When comparing your equipment operation to the manufacturer's specs, you'll want to check the charge. You can check the suction pressure, outlet air temperature, and weigh in the charge with a proper scale. You should test the system to make sure that you don't have any leaks from the factory and that Schraders aren't causing any leaks.

Ductless units can be tricky, as there may seem to be little to check. However, you can certainly weigh in the charge and check your pressures to make sure that the unit is running well. You can even check the ductless system's delivered capacity as part of the commissioning process.

Communication with your installers is key. Tell the installers what your targets are so that they can make sure that the system delivers on the contractor's promises. Show your installers how to take the measurements so that they can confirm the operation.

Other procedures that are vital to the commissioning mindset include balancing the ventilation and ensuring that air moves through the supply and return vents correctly. The goal of commissioning is to make sure we deliver on our promises.


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