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May 31, 2018

In today's podcast, I talk with Corbett Lunsford about his new show about home performance and diagnosis. Home Diagnosis airs on PBS in winter 2018. Even though Home Diagnosis mostly deals with building performance, HVAC work is a large component of overall home performance.

Corbett Lunsford used to be a pianist before becoming a building performance expert. He was already familiar with media and decided to launch a YouTube channel. The goal of the YouTube channel was to bring visual information and practices to the masses. Since then, he has been working to create a much larger mass media project to let HVAC professionals and consumers know about building performance. Home Diagnosis is Corbett's means of bringing awareness to whole-home performance as buildings become much tighter.

The main goal of Corbett's TV show is to put home performance on the same level of awareness as car performance and athletic performance. Many factors contribute to comfort, but it is not all the responsibility of the HVAC technician. The home performance field addresses ductwork and the overall design of the house to provide the most accurate and holistic comfort solutions. The TV show also empowers consumers to talk to experts to help them achieve their comfort targets, not just request a certain repair.

While HVAC technicians make up for losses in a building enclosure, building science assesses the issues with the enclosure.

Bryan and Corbett also discuss:

  • Contractor mistakes
  • Good and bad practices for fixing ducts
  • "Seeding" your clients and building trust
  • Giving customers options to choose other contractors
  • Sponsorship offers and participation
  • Humid Climate Conference



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