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Feb 23, 2023

In this episode recorded live at AHR Expo 2023, Dustin and Jim from Copeland/White-Rodgers join Bryan to talk about the use of heat pumps in cold climates. They talk about the history of heat pump innovation and talk about changes to come.

Variable-speed and two-stage compressors, as well as advanced controls, make it easier for contractors to control sizing and for heat pumps to perform to acceptable standards in cooler climates. Contractors in cold climates also rely on dual-fuel models that use electric and gas heat, which makes it easier for the system to move the desired amount of heat.

Variable-speed and two-stage compressors help the system deal with different heating and cooling capacities; in cooling mode, these technologies can also help with latent removal if the blower is also able to vary with the compressor. 

Advanced controls, especially universal controls, also help with defrost management, a key component of heat pump performance. When defrost is managed effectively, customers can yield energy savings. The White-Rodgers universal defrost control comes with coil and outdoor temperature sensors (thermistors) to determine when the unit is ice-bound; it also has a thermostat that can control second-stage heat.

Dustin, Jim, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Electrification and heat pump sales
  • Vapor injection and compression ratio control
  • Freq drives
  • White-Rodgers universality and nomenclature
  • Timed vs. demand defrost
  • Electric heat vs. gas/oil heat costs
  • WR Mobile app
  • Multi-volt contactors (White-Rodgers SureSwitch)
  • Pool heat pumps and contactors
  • Crankcase heaters, long line sets, and total system charge
  • A2L refrigerant testing


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