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Mar 24, 2022

David Richardson of NCI joins the HVAC School podcast to talk about how we can implement educational growth effectively throughout the trade. NCI started as a premium training resource about airflow testing, but the organization eventually started teaching about combustion testing as well.

When we improve the industry, we need to be able to have concrete ways to see what we’ve been doing wrong or what we can do better. Test instruments allow us to see the whats and whys behind what we do. Education needs to be focused on bringing those test instruments into training AND teaching others how to use them properly. 

Once we find a way to understand the invisible aspects of what we do, we can get into systems thinking and grasp the more abstract concepts much more easily. When people are introduced to concepts in a logical sequence, they can build their knowledge on what affects the system and why it does do.  

When we tie everything together, including using solid data, testing in and testing out, and using sources to help you interpret data, we can implement educational growth more effectively. Most of all, we can learn how to translate the technical into practical, which helps us communicate with the customers in ways that matter.

However, the most important thing about test instrumentation and applying it to learning is understanding why you are doing those tests or why you want to do them.

David and Bryan also discuss:

  • The purpose of traverse tests
  • The mechanics of NCI’s teaching (PATH to performance)
  • To charge or not to charge for combustion analysis
  • What NCI does and how to get involved with NCI


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