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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jan 24, 2024

This live podcast from AHR Expo 2024 discusses the costs of truck rolls for HVAC technicians and how technicians and companies can reduce those costs. Jim and Bryan highlight that every time a tech has to go to the supply house to get parts, the company loses money in potential service calls that could have been completed. They emphasize stocking trucks properly so that technicians can complete repairs efficiently without leaving jobsites.

Jim talks about the White Rogers 50M56X8-43 universal control board, which auto-configures itself to different furnace models. He explains how it simplifies installations and troubleshooting, allowing techs to solve problems faster. Bryan adds that having universal parts encourages techs to thoroughly diagnose issues before replacing components. They also discuss the display showing flame current in microamps, which helps techs benchmark flame rod cleanliness over time.

Later, Jim stresses the importance of techs understanding all the individual components in heating systems rather than seeing units as intimidating beasts with complex wiring. Bryan shares how new controls with better interfaces and indicators help guide techs to increase their skills and knowledge. They agree that improvements allowing faster on-site repairs provide a better, more rewarding experience for both techs and customers.

Throughout, Jim and Bryan sprinkle in jokes, stories, and food references while emphasizing the overarching goal of giving techs what they need to enjoy their work and provide the best service possible.

Topics covered:

  • Costs of truck rolls and supply house trips
  • Stocking trucks for same-day repairs
  • New universal control simplifying installations
  • Diagnosing issues thoroughly before replacing parts
  • Display showing useful flame current readings
  • Understanding all components in heating systems
  • Improved interfaces and indicators enhancing skills
  • Faster on-site repairs benefiting techs and customers
  • Loving your work and helping people


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