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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Apr 13, 2023

Craig Migliaccio (AC Service Tech) returns to the podcast to talk about what it means to have the heart of a teacher.

Craig discovered his passion for teaching while instructing apprentices on the job, and he went into institutionalized teaching from there. He chose to overcome several administrative obstacles to become eligible as a teacher at technical schools, and that perseverance is one aspect of the "heart of a teacher."

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is the investment in others. For Craig, HVAC is a tool for supporting someone's family, and a teacher can find a sense of purpose in helping people be better HVAC practitioners. When good teachers invest in their students or apprentices, they give those people a reason to take pride in their work.

The job of a teacher isn't to give students the answer, which can be frustrating for students and the teachers of those frustrated students. People who have the heart of a teacher allow students to learn things themselves and be frustrated when they don't receive the answer immediately. Teachers ultimately care and want to keep improving, and they get their students to ask questions. The most important aspect of teaching is getting students to retain knowledge and build on it, and many students retain knowledge when they get to ask questions on their own and apply their knowledge.

Craig and Bryan also discuss:

  • Craig's experience with teaching licensure
  • The intrinsic desire to share knowledge or skills
  • Investing in others during a labor shortage
  • Switching mindsets
  • Monologuing vs. asking questions
  • Continuous improvement as a teacher
  • Impostor syndrome and teaching
  • Making educational content more valuable
  • Limitations of video/audio education


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