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Aug 25, 2022

Matteo Giovanetti from Micro-Air joins the HVAC School podcast to talk about the differences between a hard start and an EasyStart.

Micro-Air’s “EasyStart” provides a soft start rather than a hard start. A hard start abruptly ramps up the voltage and current to the motor start; a soft start is a much gentler start that results from a gradual voltage and current increase on the start AND run windings. 

The EasyStart marks a paradigm shift in how we think about “saving” compressors. It attempts to avoid drawing unnecessary inrush current, which is very common with hard starts. Hard starts may even lead to premature failure if the potential relay fails and can’t take the start capacitor out of the circuit. 

EasyStart has a different wiring configuration compared to hard start kits. A hard start kit consists of a start capacitor wired in series with a potential relay, which increases the torque on the compressor and removes the start capacitor from the circuit. The EasyStart has four wires; the black and white wires (L1 and L2) connect directly to the contactor, a brown wire that splices directly to the run winding, and an orange wire to the HERM terminal of the run capacitor. 

EasyStart also records information about the compressor during the first few startups to optimize its performance. It also monitors overcurrent and fault conditions with phase detection; when it detects a stall, it shuts off the compressor and doesn’t attempt to restart it until a few minutes have passed.

Matteo and Bryan also discuss:

  • EasyStart models
  • Solar, generator, and RV use
  • Impedance
  • Positive temperature coefficient resistors (PTCRs)
  • Compressors running backward
  • EasyStart’s Bluetooth capabilities
  • Tech support and product education
  • Offering useful upgrades to customers
  • Running and starting watt specifications for generators


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You can view the EasyStart home installation video at

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