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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Nov 29, 2022

Eric Kaiser and Ty Branaman return to the podcast to talk about getting more people into the trade. They focus on how the HVAC/R industry could be better at attracting and training skilled workers, not just getting more bodies to fill HVAC/R tech and installer positions. 

People are starting to see more value in skilled trades careers, but it's difficult to find people who share your company's values and want to grow as HVAC/R professionals. Skilled tradespeople need time, education, and money invested in them, so it can be difficult for HVAC/R business owners to make those investments when other jobs pay close to the same without the same degree of investment from the company and the employee. 

To attract more people to the trade, HVAC/R business owners ought to focus on how to give their employees a means of giving a good life. That means making incremental changes to employee pay, benefits, and training to make the trades a competitive option for people who want to improve their skills and grow. We could consider increasing entry-level pay to attract skilled people, allowing us to be more selective in our hiring. Performance reviews can also be more goal-focused to help HVAC/R talent grow within a company. Companies also ought to focus on training their tradespeople to use the many tools at their disposal nowadays; providing these tools and acknowledging the needs of employees will make the industry much more appealing and competitive.

Eric, Ty, and Bryan also discuss:

  • Labor organizations
  • Making gradual changes to the industry
  • Competing with other similar industries
  • Changing landscape of job ads and applications
  • "Back in my day..."
  • Ways of providing tools


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