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Dec 10, 2020

In this podcast episode, Bryan and Jim Bergmann talk about gas furnace diagnosis and inspection. They cover the ins and outs of furnace assessment.

A gas furnace diagnosis requires a few important measurements, but a solid visual inspection is perhaps even more vital. You'll want to look at the venting and condensate disposal systems. You'll want to make sure the flue gas can escape properly and that the terminations are correct and safe; if you're not looking at the manual and checking the venting, you can put your customers at risk of serious CO poisoning and even death.

On the condensate disposal system side, you risk trapping flue gases in the trap. Condensate can also build up into the secondary heat exchanger, which leads to a rise in CO.

We also need to look out for issues on the electrical side. Reverse polarity and poor grounds are often the greatest culprits for electrical failures. Broken connections are also common problems as with other HVAC systems. Dust and dirt can also get behind the circuit board, which can cause flame rectification problems. Fixing an electronic circuit board can intimidate some techs, but soldering a circuit board is quite a bit like soldering a coil.

When it comes to measurements, your pressures are going to be some of the most important readings you can take. It's also a wise idea to have your own combustion analyzer and make sure to take care of it over time.

Bryan and Jim also discuss:

  • New MeasureQuick developments
  • Measurements to use in MeasureQuick
  • CAZ testing
  • CO sources
  • 90+ furnace condensate drains
  • Air filtration and MERV ratings
  • AHRI CO testing steps
  • Conduction through the flame rectification circuit
  • Incoming gas pressure
  • Incorporating MeasureQuick into diagnosis

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