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Jun 14, 2017

In this second part of the podcast, Jim Bergmann wraps up the steps to check a system charge without connecting a gauge manifold.

You can check the charge without gauges if you use the following process (and know your DTD, CTOA, etc.):

  1. Take the dry-bulb temperature. (Let's say it's 70°F in this example.)
  2. Subtract the DTD (35°F).
  3. Add target superheat (10°F).
  4. Check the suction line. It should be 45°F in this example. If your probe senses a temperature that is NOT within 5°F of the temperature you calculated, check the filter, evaporator coil, etc., for dirt.
  5. If the system is not dirty, check the charge with gauges.


For a more extensive look at the process in writing, check out THIS article.

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