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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Feb 20, 2020

Gurminder Sidhu joins us from NATE to talk about what NATE is all about and bring us some news about the new changes and improvements.

NATE was created for the industry by the industry; the organization arose from a need to promote education and standardize HVAC qualifications. Today, NATE continues to address the industry's needs by offering education and certification for technicians. NATE also understands the need of explaining the "why" behind our daily work.

The people at NATE also believe in continuing education and offer learning materials to techs of all levels, as well as study guides for their exams. People from all sectors of the industry contribute to the study guide content. These people also review it to ensure that everything in the guide is relevant and accurate. The study guides take what technicians have learned in the field and put them into a form that helps them prepare for quizzes. These guides also have practice questions, a glossary, and formulas.

Technicians must take a core and specialty exam before the big NATE exam. When it is time for you or one of your employees to take the NATE exam, you can arrange a date and time to take the test at a local testing organization.

NATE is currently working on an alternate pathway to certification for those who are new to the industry. This pathway has a series of five smaller exams that people can take in any order. You can take the alternative tests either traditionally or remotely with an online proctor.

Gurminder and Bryan also discuss:

  • Four levels of NATE certification
  • The study guide creation process
  • How employers benefit from employing a NATE-certified technician
  • New NATE user interface

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