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Jul 24, 2017

In this podcast episode, Jim Bergmann continues talking about standard air, air density, and mass vs. volume as well as some other methods of "directly" measuring airflow. It gets pretty deep.

Airflow hoods and vane anemometers can give you direct airflow measurements.

You use static pressure probes, not pitot tubes, to measure TESP. When measuring static pressure, you put the negative probe in the return and the positive probe in the supply. Then, you measure the TESP (away from wiring and airflow). However, air pressure fluctuates as that air moves in the duct. Velocity pressure occurs when air moves and creates turbulence. The blower moves air, which has weight. As such, density, volume, and mass are all important as well. As air density changes, the CFM remains constant at a variable mass flow rate.

When it comes to using any tool for measuring airflow, static pressure, etc., all tools are an investment of money and time; you must spend some time learning how to use those tools. You will discover those tools' limitations and must learn how to work with or around those limitations.


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