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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jan 9, 2017

In this episode, Bryan talks to Business and Sales Trainer Bob Gee about HVAC business practices.

Bob has watched sales and leadership evolve a lot over the years. Today, success in sales depends on your abilities to build relationships with the customers. You're no longer "selling" things; you are "helping people buy" things. Instead of pushing products to people, it's best to "ask your way into a sale" and prioritize a customer's wants and needs. There is also a stark difference between management and leadership. A leader is people-oriented and customer-oriented; they care about the human element of business, not just crunching numbers.

When it comes to building a company culture, the company leaders have to be the ones to create the team. You have to get the right people on board and delegate them in a way that maximizes those people's potential. Business leaders also need to examine their own purpose. Why are they running the business? Do they want to commit to the business, or did they just decide to work independently to have more control over their own schedule? Motives mean a lot, and the managers' attitudes trickle down.

Firing people and having people leave are unfortunate but inevitable parts of running your own business. People tend to leave people; they don't necessarily leave the business because of the money or the type of work. Employees have to be on board with the managers' ideas of what the company is doing and where it should go. If they are not on board, they will quit or may have to be let go after their work quality slips over time.

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