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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jul 24, 2017

Bill Spohn Jr. is a college intern working towards his business degree, but he took a week to see what it is like to work as an HVAC tech. He shares his impressions on this podcast. Bill is the son of Bill Spohn and has been a college intern working with TruTech Tools. However, he has just gotten his first real dose of the HVAC contractor experience in the full swing of summer.

Bill started off by riding with a Kalos residential tech, Tyler, who had seven calls that day, mostly for PMs; they worked from 8:15 to 9:00 PM. Bill was impressed with the professionalism of Tyler and how well he communicated with customers. The second day, Bill got to do an install, which was a physically taxing task (partially due to the Florida heat). He put in a new drain pipe, new copper tubing, a new air handler, and some new pieces of ductwork. Bill also spent a day with Jeff, where he did a lot of preventive maintenance. 

As with many people, Bill learned a lot about the importance of refrigerant and proper charge. He also found SEER ratings and other efficiency measures fascinating.

Bill went into his experience with the idea to identify "pain points" for techs and suggest improvements to current tools and technology. Now that Bill knows what's important to techs in the industry, he can bring ideas to TruTech Tools to make the techs' lives easier and address the "pain points" that many contractors have to deal with.

Bill and Bryan also discuss:

  • Tyler's past
  • Working on trailers or mobile homes
  • Organization (or lack thereof) in vans and tool bags
  • Combined analog and digital gauges 
  • Inventory tracking systems
  • Possible Testo 115i temperature clamp improvements

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